State Power Index 2017


We created a state power index to show two phenomena: how Poland’s position has changed on the international arena since 1989 and what the potential power of the European Union can be. As we face growing uncertainty in the world and a risk of a reshuffle of the global order, it is worth seeking to have the EU play a greater international role than today. This is especially the case because of Europe’s numerous external and internal threats and the alternative to integration are uncontrolled and unpredictable developments in the world.


Together means stronger

Individual EU countries by themselves are not able to equal the largest actors on the global political scene. Together, however, they can achieve more than in the most ambitious dreams of the Union’s founding fathers.

Pillar of the international order

State power index shows that the EU may become the main pillar of the international order. What becomes apparent is that those who stand in place are moving backwards — because of different types of international conditions, the strategic window for the development of the EU has just opened.

Index Mocy Państw 2017