Akademia In.Europa is an educational project aimed at people interested in European, international and social issues. It‘s a great place to broaden knowledge of the processes that are happening in the European Union and in foreign policy. Project offers cooperation with experienced analysts in a diverse group of participants. Participants produce short analyzes dealing with European politics.

Akademia In.Europa gives the opportunity to deepen knowledge and gain practical analytical skills. It is also a unique opportunity to meet interesting people from the politics, culture, non-governmental organizations.

Meetings take place in the afternoon, every two weeks. Each meeting consists of 2 parts: discussion with personality from politics, culture, media. And the second part: teamwork analysis.

The Akademia In.Europa is addressed to people aged 18-30 (in exceptional cases, we can move the higher and lower age limits). We are looking for people who want to develop their analytical skills, meet interesting people, inspire discussion about the future of the European project.

The Akademia In.Europa is addressed to students, graduates, NGO activists, think-thanks, private sector and all interested in the European Union.

Akademia In.Europa is run in partnership of Polityka weekly magazine, the country’s top selling weekly.