Fifteen minutes with Europe

What does Macron need
the Weimar Triangle for?
Tomasz Bielecki

Poland’s passiveness in the EU, attachment to the złoty and entanglement in the dispute over the rule of law are making it much more difficult for it take part in far-reaching joint initiatives with Berlin and Paris.

Nevertheless, in France, interest in Poland and the rest of this part of the EU is growing. Following in Germany’s footsteps, President Emmanuel Macron is banking on a “compartmentalised” approach to Poland, in which disputes over the rule of law (readily delegated to the EU institutions in Brussels) need not contaminate cooperation on other EU matters completely. He is seeking Poland’s support when it comes to promoting corrections to EU competition policy, which is meant to support the EU’s industrial policy. However, getting Warsaw to cooperate loyally on climate policy is key.


Tomasz Bielecki
EU&NATO correspondent, In.Europa expert

Translation: Annabelle Chapman